Owner/Head Trainer/Program Director

Lindsay Legroulx

Lindsay was drawn to horses at an early age, and found herself immersed in the equestrian world as soon as possible. Never afraid of hard work, Lindsay was always keen to work for lessons as a child, and a working student as a teen and young adult. It was here that she learned all of the inner workings of training and developing Hunter/Jumper horses. Equi-Life Sport Horses was originally founded in 2006 as a training and sales business, and it wasn't until a few years later that Lindsay discovered how much she truly enjoyed teaching and developing riders. Since then Lindsay has trained horses and riders from first rides to National Hunter Derbies, and Grand Prix success. Lindsay is especially passionate about developing junior riders and is always on the look out for that special combination of talent, work ethic, and character to take to the top of the sport.

Owner/Head Rider/Trainer

Richelle Cornell

Richelle started riding at a young age and even then it was apparent that she had a skill for bringing out the best in the misunderstood horses of the world. She stayed focused through her childhood developing her skills until her 18th birthday when she travelled to Australia to learn from one of the top Show Jumping stables. Richelle was sure she found her direction in life bringing the best out of every horse she sits on with quiet intentional training. She has had success in every ring from national Hunter derbies to the age classes on the grass she finds herself topping the leaderboard. In these last few years Richelle has developed a passion for sharing her knowledge with the youngest generation ensuring they get a fun educational start in this industry along side her first personal pony Teacup


Jesse Legroulx

Jesse proclaimed "I'm all in" and has proven to be just that. Jack of all trades Jesse has put his heart in to building Equi-Life from the ground up, to what it is today. From building barns, hauling horses, and managing all aspects of daily operations, Jesse is truly the oil that keeps the gears turning. Aside from managing operations of the business, Jesse also has a special hand when working with horses. From ground work, trailer loading, or handing difficult horses, Jesse is always there with incredible patience and timing. Jesse does all the hauling for our team of horses, as well as operates Equi-Life Transport.

Horse Care/Farm Manager

Delia Smith

Delia was born in to the horse world as a third generation breeder of top quality horses. Riding by the age of 3, and by 7 years old she was feeding horses and mucking stalls before breakfast every morning. Delia went on to take over the management of her family's breeding operation High Farms, and developing their young stock in eventing and show jumping. She has since had a hand in the industry in one form or another while also balancing a career in the corporate world. Delia has now found her home managing the horse care at Equi-Life and joining our team with her horse Cairo, the last foal born on the family farm. Delia is an incredible asset to Equi-Life, and we are so excited to bring all of her experience and knowledge to the care of our horses.

Manager of Fun

Jairo Legroulx

Jairo is the leader of fun and good times at Equi-Life. He often can be found covered in mud with a big cheeky grin. He is the master of making the best of every situation. He loves to join in riding his horse with his own spin on how training should be done. He has a kind soul and gentle spirit that warms every heart he crosses. He loves to help teach lessons and help the younger kids learn feet picking and general horse care. If you ever have questions this guys has answers!