Dragonfly Farms proudly serves as a cornerstone of the local equestrian community, with a legacy spanning over 2 decades of fostering a passion for horsemanship and equestrian excellence. We take pride in providing top quality care and endless love for our animals, and providing a complete immersive experience for our students that nurtures both skill and character.

Our team of top professionals each bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and a special passion to make a difference in our community. Whether you're a top equestrian athlete looking for specialized training, a family looking to experience horses and farm life for the first time, or someone looking for their place to give back in the world, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels at home. Our shared love and passion for horses unite us as a tight-knit family, and we are honoured to be a part of our clients journey.

The name "Dragonfly Farm" captures the essence of our love for horses and nature but also symbolizes growth, adaptability, and grace - qualities that we hold dear in our business. Dragonflies, are known as the keepers of our dreams, and the energy that sees all of our true potential. Dragonflies guide us on our path of discovery and remind us that anything is possible.


We are passionate about sharing our farm and animals with the community, and offer a selection of unique and meaningful programs for family fun, education, and healing. Our 20 acre farm offers a number of special spaces, whether celebrating a birthday, discovering a new passion, or just soaking in the healing power of nature, we look forward to spending time with you. Here are some of our current programs an events. We can also work together to create a special experience just for you.