top hunter/jumper training and coaching program

We offer private programs to ambitious riders looking to maximize their potential and strive to be the best athlete they can be. We create individualized custom programs for each horse and rider combination to ensure we are developing mental and physical aspects of both horse and rider development. We encourage our riders to dream big, and are part of the journey each step of the way from horse selection, training and development, and show season management. We dream as a team, and walk down the path together.

We offer investment opportunities and private training and development of top prospects for both the hunter and jumper ring. Whether you're interested in producing a top Grand Prix prospect, or an International Hunter Derby star, we can offer guidance and partnership from horse selection, training and development, managing their show career, and marketing and sales. We are there to partner with you every step of the way.

Whether you're looking for top level coaching, or to develop a quality prospect we can customize a program to make your dreams come true.