equine transport BC / Alberta

Our Horse Transport operation is run by Jesse Legroulx. Jesse has more than 20 years experience hauling horses in the industry, and takes pride in offering exceptional service, communication, and most of all taking care of his equine passengers. Jesse is an exceptional horseman, and takes extra care and attention to professionally train and mentor his assistants and second drivers.  

Collaborating with the best in the industry, Jesse works closely with other commercial haulers who align with his values and level of service to make seamless connections to Vancouver Island, Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the US. In addition Jesse has an excellent network of layover barns ensuring excellent care along the way.

We operate the highest quality of equipment with Jamco trailers (by far the safest trailer in collision testing), brand new GMC trucks, high definition live video cameras, and rigorous maintenance routine on all equipment, and often travelling with 2 drivers to any lengthy destination to ensure drive sharing, and extra hands along the way.

For more information please contact Jesse directly:



Please fill out this form in as much detail as possible. All of this information is important for the booking process. If you just have a general enquiry, please contact us through our main contact page to avoid all the steps of this form.

In order to keep our schedule on time, please let us know of any expected loading concerns you may have with our horse. We will try our best to have two experienced handlers on the trip available to help, but can offer our best services if we know ahead of time. We have extremely experienced handlers driving our trucks, and can certainly assist in giving your horse a positive loading/hauling experience. However we decline dangerous/aggressive horses, or owners who insist on handling their horses dangerously or aggressively.


  • Be sure your horse has plenty of access to hay and fresh water leading up to the trip. They travel best when they have full tummies and are well hydrated. Consider giving them electrolytes for a few days leading up to the trip.

  • We recommend allowing your horse to rest in their stall or paddock until our trailer arrives. A relaxed horse with low adrenaline loads and travels the best. If you have an anxious horse, consider a supplement such as Durwell Calm Bites, or speak to your veterinarian about medicating your horse prior to travelling.

  • We provide hay and water on our trips, however consider sending your horse with a hay net of his regular hay, so not to cause gastro upset.

  • Consider speaking to your veterinarian about treating your horse with gastroguard leading up to their trip and while on board. This is an excellent way to protect them from ulcers.

  • Although some owners prefer to ship their horses in shipping wraps, it has been our experience that horses ship happiest with bare legs.

  • Consider the temperatures. We recommend shipping your horse without blankets unless the temperature is colder than -10 degrees celsius. If you do ship your horse with a blanket, we recommend a liner or stable blanket and not a waterproof winter blanket as they get sweaty and cold.

  • Our trailers are equipped with break away trailer ties. We recommend that you ship your horse in a breakaway/leather halter incase of emergency. Rope halters are least recommended.

  • Often our drivers will allow equipment to travel on board as a courtesy, and at no extra cost. Please remind your driver at time of drop off that you have equipment/documents on board to collect. We will not assume responsibility for shipping these items should they be left behind on the trailer. We strongly recommend shipping registration papers and other important documents through registered mail.

  • Please be advised that we carry extensive commercial liability insurance, to cover any accident or damages caused by our negligence. We unfortunately can not insure against other drivers on the road, or our client's property being damaged by a third party. We recommend clients obtain private insurance policies on their horses

Please note after the first 30 minutes of loading time, we charge a $100 p/hour fee for loading/training. If horse will not load after 1.5 hours, we will be forced to leave them behind and charge 50% of original booking + attempted loading time.

Please note that we feed horses with fresh hay nets containing grass/alfalfa mixed hay. If this is not suitable feed for your horse, please let us know and provide a hay net with suitable feed.