educational field trips farm/horses/animals

We have been hosting field trips at our farm for a number of years now, but this year we are excited to be offering a number of new and exciting field trip options, as well as work with teachers or group organizers to offer something special you might have in mind.

Some of our classes include:

  1. Math around the farm - Work together to solve real life math problems around the farm. From measuring, addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, estimations, trigonometry, and more!
  2. Science/Biology - Learn how to care for different species, look at their different cells under a microscope, learn about nutrition, life cycle, and managing waste at the farm.
  3. Equine Career Fair- Introduce your students to a world of unique career options from; Large Animal Veterinarian, Farrier, Trainer, Rider, Breeder, Transporter, and more!
  4. Animal First Aid- Learn all about first aid and emergency response for injured animals. Gain hands on practice and experience.
  5. Leadership or Team Building Workshops - Discover your inner leader and ability to work together in our super fun/interactive workshops.

We offer both half day field trips 9am-12pm or full day field trips from 9am-2pm.